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The Taste of Art. Symbols of Sicily in the Mediterranean

July 2021

The joy of tasting the beauty of art embodied in their oniric metamorphoses becomes a style of life. Art is beauty; it is for everyone; it is respect for the environment and society, and it renews itself infinitely in a kaleidoscopic cycle.

Thank you to Alberto Samonà for the wisdom, dedication, and love for his beloved Sicily, Valeria Livigni’s passion and intellectual curiosity, to Nadia Speciale who has always demonstrated a strong social service, to Giacomo Rizzo’s artistic depth embodied in the opera Edgadi, and to Paolo Forti’s artistry, creator of the biscuits, which has generated a new form of art.

These vegan cookies, creation of art, realized with ancient bio grain flours that symbolize a mythological, esoteric, alchemical Sicily.

The founds of the Limited Edition will be used for the realization of one of the itineraries with braille description for the blind, in the archipelago of the Egadi.


Palermo, 28 Luglio ore 18:00

Soprintendenza del Mare Palazzetto Mirto, via Lungarini, 9

29 e 30 July from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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