Spirituality in the Material

Spirituality in the Material

The association Spirituality In The Material is a social and cultural promotion association based on the conviction that social change is conveyed through the universal language of art. Its main aim is to promote artistic projects with the objective of spreading values and creating relevant social impacts.

The truthfulness of the principle and mission of enhancing the productive and economic system, (innovative and traditional) through the language of art takes shape from an important and significant international event at the UN – Division for Inclusive Social Development (UNDESA-DISD), on 6 September 2019 under the name Spiritualty in The Material coordinated by Project Art Manager Tiziana Serretta, in order to provide through art responses to raise awareness and communication of social problems and some crucial issues related to the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Through the association, art projects are conveyed to sensitise the younger generations and empower them as present and future leaders of positive change for the wellbeing of peoples and the planet without leaving anyone behind and without forgetting traditions and culture as the wealth of territories and their inhabitants. It is with this aim in mind that the creator and artistic coordinator Tiziana Serretta has accepted the invitation of the United Nations, henceforth making Spirituality in the Material an association in support of the United Nations’ efforts on social and cultural change with the aim of accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its objectives relating to sustainability, culture, the promotion of youth education, equal opportunities, social inclusion, and the employment of vulnerable people.

The exhibition Spirituality in the Material with the support of the UN was also a guest at the Salone del Mobile 2019 Milan in the Bentley-Bugatti stand to bring messages of peace, religious tolerance and brotherhood, on the occasion of the centenary of the famous car manufacturer, demonstrating once again how strong social messages can be conveyed through fashion and glamour.

Through the association, the founder invites artists to be “united for all peoples and ke cultures “as storytellers to promote a world of economic inclusion and prosperity and support young people to realise their artistic dreams. i Art plays a fundamental role in the local economy, it is a messenger of social justice, inclusion and towards individuals of all ages and towards a sustainable planet.

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