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Paolo Bellini

Paolo Bellini was born in Mendrisio on February, 28th 1941.

After graduating school he worked in a foundry to learn the techniques of metal fusion.

He knew several important artists of this period: Jean Arp, Oliver Strebelle, Remo Rossi, and Lynn Chadwich.

He studied in Brera Academy, Milan and Belgium.

His art was in constantly evolving, from monumental figures in bronze and abstract installations in iron to metal and aluminum papers. He was also strongly inspired from nature (trees, flowers), creating sculpture with a sense of lightness and heaviness often using recycled materials.

Several Bellini installations are now in Switzerland.

He asked me to help since he was the only one making two pieces simultaneously. The pieces were about the waste in the oceans and tried to transmit a positive message while still depicting the vast gravity of the subject. Overall it was a great experience and a wonderful project, and I hope I can keep making things of the same sort.