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Oswaldo de Leon Kantule

Born in Ustupu Island, Kuna Yala, Panama. Graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Panama, lives in Ontario, Canada. He is the first recognize Kuna painter in South, North America and Europe. In his painting live the symbols of Kuna Yala natives and his Cosmo religion: the Kuna think that there are eight cosmical circles and only with transporter spiritual guides they can arrive to touch the Cosmos harmony. This is the reason why In Kantule’s paintings there are circles, and men and women figures, spirits to help the inhabitants of the islands to live in harmony with every form of Beauty and art. Through music, dance, storytelling and colored embroideries (molas). Narrate the role of the Kuna heroes and wise chiefs; created to stop the original chaos, and give balance and symmetry in a primordial world crowded of beasts, spirits, whirlpools and tornados. Kuna heroes.. This entire fascinating colored world is represented on Achu’s paintings.