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Giacomo Rizzo

A Sicilian artist, professor of Scutpture at the Academy of FineArts in Palermo, GiacomoRizzo has establlished himself in recent years at an international level, pursuing a sculptural poetry linked to the nature, the land and the anthropological origins of the populations that live there, to past and current history of a natural place, seen as the identity and memory of a society. His works have a profound relationship with the environment and above all with the Mediterranean, where he finds nourishment in a bond established since the artist’s childhood, born on an island, Sicily, and in Palermo, a city overlooking the sea. After several experiences on the theme of sculpture as a social medium among which we recall: the exhibition Maps, memory and territory at the Archaeological Park of Selinunte with the RegionaI Museum of Contemporary Art Palazzo Belmonte Riso of Palermo and the Mana Contemporary Art, U.S.A. Artist S.A.C.S. presented his personaI Giacomo Rizzo ,lnner Sculpture, at the Regional Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palermo in June 2018 in conjunction with the Manifesta 12 biennial of contemporary art. Among his latest creations is the completion of the work of Lentini’s kouros with the integration of a sculpturaI base, the works Matermania, 2016 which obtained the celebrated “Matronato” of the MADRE Museum of Naples, lnput, 2013 at the Silk Rooms Museum in Ficarra, Respiro, 2015, in the permanent collection of the RegionaI Museum Center of Modern and Contemporary Art Palazzo Riso in Palermo, Passaggi, 2016 exhibited at the RegionaI Gallery of of Palazzo Bellomo in Syracuse. Giacomo Rizzo’s new project involves the installation of a site-specific work in silicone, resin and other materials, designed for the Mana Contemporary art spaces in New York.