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Erasmo Figini

Interior designer, product designer and stytist, Erasmo Figini began his professional journey in the renewed and prestigious textile division of Ratti SpA in Como, becoming its Design Director shortly after. Parallel to his work for Ratti and other important textile brands, in 1982 he opened two boutique retaiI stores in Como, specializing in refurbishment, interior decoration, antiques and textiles design. Since the early nineties Erasmo Figini has been collaborating with important textiles groups, (Cterici Tessuto, Rubelli, Frette, to mention a few) and furniture. He continues to design interiors on projects such as private residences in ltaly and internationally. His eclectic interests, combined with innate curiosity and originality, push Erasmo Figini beyond the borders of “standard design”, allowing him to reinterpret both tradition and modernity in a unique and authentic way. There is however one fact that defines his personality. A challenging experience that happened years ago and did destabilize his life and his plans, paving the way to a new lifestyle, to a more profound knowledge of himself, to a different way to fulfill his own self. A first fostering experience in 1987 marked the beginning of an extraordinary story that in recent years had an absolutely unexpected and unpredictable development: a family network of friendship with the aim of educating and helping young people in difficulty. Not philanthropy but passion, love for others.