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Armando Tanzini

Livorno, Italy 1943. Award-winning painter, sculptor and architect Tanzini has devoted his creativity to designate Africa, the mother of us all, as a central connecting point of the Universe. He uses natural materials to create his art, which is heavily influenced by East African and Etruscan cultures. He underlines the fact that creativity brings peace of mind and can be a link to the path of happiness and spirituality. The wood Tanzini used for his creations, came from the root of a specific Kenyan tree, which has a very distinctive smell and its name means heath – wellbeing. These are the sole pieces of jewelry he ever designed. Inspired by his friend Andy Warhol, Tanzini achieves a unique blend of ancestral power, intermingled with the modern world’s cosmopolitan energy. Sculptures made of wood, diamonds, sapphires, and raw gold give birth to the wonder world of African animals reincarnated in a pop art color explosion.