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Andrew Grima

Andrew Grima (Rome 1921 – Gstaad 2007) was called the engineer of gold. In fact his passion for jewellery proved to be so strong that he gave up studying Mechanical Engineering to dedicate his entire life to creating jewellery. Always inspired by nature he used precious stones but also quartz, fossils and even shells in his creations. His collaboration with his architect brother was one of pure alchemy: His London store which opened during the 70’s period was considered revolutionary for a jewellery shop and featured a door made out of thick iron with small show windows where few stunning pieces were presented like secret fossils. As the official jeweller for Queen Elisabeth II, Grima was a point of reference for all of the international jet set, many of whom inspired him with their sense of sophistication and culture – and who gave him free reign to create original unique stunning pieces. Along with the end of the golden 70’s, he also stopped working with his brother and something changed inside him: He closed all his stores around the world and retired to the small glamorous mountain village of Gstaad, Switzerland, where he died in 2007.