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Andres Silvera

Andres Silvera -Panama 21 year. I worked on a project to make Panama City a better place, by both making the streets beautiful and attempting to create awareness on subjects such as ocean polluting and global warming, education and much more, all through art; The mural I helped make had various designs made by a wide variety of street artists of different calibers, but keeping a high standard in technique and overall application of the medium. I was helping a speci c artist that goes by the pseudonym “Pelaozoan” and helped make a couple pieces, amongst the biggest in the mural. 

He asked me to help since he was the only one making two pieces simultaneously. The pieces were about the waste in the oceans and tried to transmit a positive message while still depicting the vast gravity of the subject. Overall it was a great experience and a wonderful project, and I hope I can keep making things of the same sort.