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Tiziana Serretta

Art and Fashion is a way of life. It is an integral part of everyday life, and certainly not detached from us

Afunneled route from the magnificent palazzi in Sicily to her ancestral futuristic cave-like apartment in Milan, the exquisite diversity of the Kenyan landscape to a levitating office over Panama City, all leading to the roots of a desire tree in New York City. 

“It was destiny,” Tiziana Serretta says: “A rare tango, a spontaneous coupling between what is transpiring and who you are, in the ever-changing moment”.

Highly-recognized museum and gallery curator, uncompromising collector of art, fashion and experiences, Tiziana, as a modern renaissance personality, reveals creations of distinctive substance, beginning with her own life experience. On September 10th, 2015, eager to share her lifelong quest for fine art and fashion, she launches the TS World in New York, summoning artists and select invitees from around the world to experience a startling creative interaction of concept, expression and style.

“Art and fashion is a way of life. It is an integral part of everyday life, and certainly not detached from us,” she says.

Fine Art jewelry by Javier Alejandro
Fine Art jewelry by Javier Alejandro

The Beginning

Born and raised in Palermo by an influential family, Tiziana became quite early acquainted to the city’s history, art and architecture. At a very young age she met Duke Fulco di Verdura, a fascinating jewelry designer and friend of Coco Chanel and her grandmother, who impressed Tiziana with his free and unconventional spirit. Her cultural and aesthetic roots sparked her passion for art jewelry, a passion she began realizing at the age of 20, when she started creating her most impressive vintage collection, including pieces by Picasso, Dalí and Cocteau.


Tiziana Serreta has a degree in Law from the University of Palermo, where she served as Professor for eight years. What an academic career in Law has in common with TS World? “My love to share and pass on the knowledge,” she says. She vividly recalls the moment when she decided to quit teaching and open the Tiziana Serretta Fiorentino Gallery in 1992: “My professor wanted to kill me, but being much like my mother, I had to take the risk.” Her mother, an intellectual free spirit who only speaks Greek and Latin, has been an unceasing inspiration for Serretta, urging her to always follow her heart and evolve her mind.
With her charismatic character, her idiosyncratic sense of beauty and style and a vast experience in the realms of art, fashion and design, Tiziana Serretta brings a new guiding light into the world of art. She has worked as an educator, museum and gallery curator, as well as a consultant to various fashion and arts media in Italy. At the same time, Serretta has contributed to the development of prominent fashion designer collections.
Some Tiziana’s sketches
Some Tiziana’s sketches
She worked as director and curator of her own gallery in Palermo until 2006, while fostering relationships with artists and designers. In 2005 she moved to London, where she served as the director and curator for a gallery dedicated to the late fashion icon and editor Diana Vreeland. Serretta has worked with prominent publishing houses for her three books on her favorite subject: innovators and vintage culture.
“Collecting is like a fever; jewelry, objects, furniture,” she says. Armed with a predisposition for refined taste mixed with sophisticated boldness, she now owns a collection of “Unique pieces with a modern, timeless spirit. Nothing is repeated.” Fine art jewelry from the ‘60s and the ‘70s, created by eminent artists, vintage and designer dresses created from the ‘60s to the 80s, rare handbags, craftworks and futuristic monoliths are only few of the items she considers her “children.”


Serretta works all over the world, where she gets her inspiration as well. “There is never one answer and the answer always changes.” She lived in Kenya for 20 years and traveled extensively to Asia. She is known for many overwhelming concepts and she is in a constant challenge with herself. “The only way to truly understand who you really are and unlock your full potential is to face as many challenges as possible,” she says.

Serretta’s most recent venture was launched in 2013. It is a Panama-based company, which aims to spread worldwide the culture of Latin America, through unique events and partnerships with emerging international artists and designers, in collaboration with cultural institutions and museumsa.

“I was invited for the Cine Panama,” she says. “I felt the energy of the city. It grows every day like moss. I felt this is ‘the place’. Panama people live every day like it is their last day.” In the city, she can see parts of herself. “Panama city is there. It is not asking you to like it. You just like it or not. Likewise, I do nothing for people to like me.”

Tiziana loves Latin American artists. “They are natural. They have great energy. They are so talented and artistic and they do nothing to accomplice it.” Serretta is enamored by the uncontaminated culture of the indigenous Kuna from Colombia and the San Blas Archipelago in Panama. She works with Kuna artists and craftsmen on different projects, blending local art and their ancestral knowledge about life and cosmos with European sophistication